App Store is bursting full with about a million games that would keep the thumbs of gaming freaks busy. It would take you almost 35 million years to play every single iPhone game that is available on the App Store. What that means is that no matter your favorite gaming genre, there are tons of games to choose from. But as we know, not all iPhone games are the same – and that is the reason this article would do the heavy lifting on your behalf and serve you just the most popular iOS games.

Fire Emblem Heroes

This game is Nintendo’s third attempt at mobile gaming. Fire Emblem Heroes is robust with a deep SRPG that is perfectly crafted for mobile gaming. It pays homage to the series even as it attempts to carve out its own identity.
Developed by Intelligent Systems, Fire emblem Heroes perfectly translates the present game play formula into iOS and Android. While it yet lacks some of the quality and depth of the 3DS series, but it is still as challenging. You would need a keen sense of discipline and strategy to be able to effectively manage your squad of heroes. In each chapter, you would have to fight through several skirmishes before you finally get to face the major character.

Injustice 2

While this is a sequel to the original Injustice console version, it manages to hold its own well against its predecessor. Injustice 2 brings to the table, low attacks and new jumping techniques that permit your character to carry out super moves. This game still delivers to the players the usual Injustice fix just like the console version.
One little snag about this game is the annoying in-app purchases. While you don’t have to buy to see all that the game has to offer, these apps may come in handy during the rest periods in between play time.

Fish & Trip

In this game, you will be commanding a cute fish as he swims about in the ocean. With a single swipe of your finger, you get to direct him around the screen to collect eggs as well as to protect his fellow fish community.

The more progress you make ion the game, the more dangerous the surroundings get. Sooner than later, the surroundings get claustrophobic and you get chased about by hungry predators. It’s a simple and fun game to play as long as you don’t end up been eaten by a whale!

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

This is one of the free premium Final Fantasy games that are currently available on iOS and it’s a knock out. Here gamers can sack dungeons of hostiles, explore towns and assemble together a squad of smart and brave heroes. It also has unique lore to choose from, giving gamers a rich gaming experience. The initial game play is simple but as you progress, you would need a sharp sense of strategy to survive and succeed.


Royalty is a very serious business- almost anything can go wrong. This is a card-themed game with tons of witty conversations. It is either you run your kingdom aground or you rule for decades as supreme king.
Each minute brings you some quirky characters and scenes for your gaming pleasure. Most of these scenes are intrigues – whether it is quelling a civilian uprising or discovering an ancient treasure chest- they are aimed at tricking the king into an early grave. You have to make quick decisions to improve your kingdom economically, militarily, socially etc. this game is deceptively simple and fun.

Pokemon Go

This is one of the most popular and addictive games ever developed. With the aid of the GPS on your phone, you could wander around using real life landscapes to fight in gyms, collect items and even offer your own marker as gym. Your phone’s camera gets to appear in the real word from your parks down to your own house!

Post Knight

Here you are an adorable mailman of the medieval era. You need to deliver the town people their stuff as you are the only one capable of getting it to them without been eaten by the wolves. Armed with a sword, shield and some potions, you earn materials and experience by quest orders from the postbox close by.

Rogue’s Life

You are in charge of a team of cute, brave and confident heroes and their job is to destroy the enemies as you engage in search of loots and upgrades. Customizing your squad of heroes is so much fun. . The game is perfect handheld RPG, ideal for playing on the go.

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