Recent news about Apple has been spurring the technological world. You’ve certainly already had the opportunity to learn about an amazing Apple scandal that limits performance on older devices. This procedure has been going on for several years, but only now has the manufacturer been caught. Naturally, a company has to face not only legal claims but also a negative customer opinion, which can directly translate into less sales. This time the Americans really have a serious problem, so they are already starting to act.

Beautiful goals, pitiful attitude

Let us start with a short introduction, which is simply necessary here. What is all the buzz about? Some time ago, quite disturbing entries started to appear on Reddit. Namely, iPhone’s performance in benchmarks increased when the battery was replaced with a new one. Geekbench turned out to be an indispensable tool here. Initially, the case was approached with scepticism, in the end it may be an individual case, somebody deliberately manipulated the results – without serious evidence it is difficult to accuse anyone, especially Apple.

At some point the problem was noticed by more users. In the end, Apple admitted to an extremely unique tactic.

In my opinion, the technological world is now living on Apple’s scandalous attitude that older devices are slowly losing performance as batteries are used up. The manufacturer claims that all this is done because of the concern for…. customers. According to Apple, this approach is designed to give you the best possible comfort when using your phone, despite the battery life. In short, lower performance means that the equipment continues to run for the same length of time on one full charge cycle. This is a very twisted and, for me, unreliable explanation.

It is therefore no surprise that lawsuits against the producer have started to go appear relatively quickly. The Apple scandal has gained strength, and yet another accusation has appeared, which is one of very many in the United States itself. In California, a lawsuit was filed by Violetta Mailyan. Of course, it is once again about distorting performance in older equipment and reducing it as the product ages, which makes it difficult to consider sensible. The most interesting part is the amount of money she will be fighting for in court. 999 billion dollars – that is exactly the amount of estimated loss caused by the producer’s practice in this lawsuit. I am curious whether anyone will ask for even more. We can certainly expect a class action lawsuit, and no one in the US will leave it without a proper response.

why is my iphone slow

The Apple Scandal

But if you look at all this objectively, probably nothing will happen to Apple. As in the case of Volkswagen and Dieselgate, some of the users will now also be compensated, while there will still be a few posts and articles on the Internet, many people will still live with their iPhone, and most of them will forget about the entire scandal. Nevertheless, it will leave a negative mark on the brand image. Due to strong opponents such as Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi, this may have a negative impact on the company’s position.

Reduced price as a means of getting out of trouble

What’s more interesting, iPhone prices will drop at the beginning of 2018. At least that is what the DigiTimes report points out, which has not been wrong with such matters so far, but the main reason behind this decision is the desire to increase sales worldwide. Undoubtedly, the magic of the company will work and influence the purchasing decisions of a lot of people. Especially since in the first half of 2018 the most important competitors smartphones are expected to debut. In addition, some people will be able to forgive the manufacturer of this scandal if only the Apple devices simply become a little bit cheaper. It is also worth mentioning that the successor to iPhone X is to be valued more reasonably.

Such practices should be severely punished. I hope that Apple will be forced to take responsibility and compensate users adequately, because such a business mechanism can hardly be considered acceptable. You’re buying equipment for over $1000, but in a year’s time you’ll lose some of its performance – Google doesn’t offer an equally good environment, but Android phones at least don’t suffer such an infirmity.

Now everything is in the court’s hands. If the lawsuit is well-founded and not dismissed, Apple claimants will surely try to turn the lawsuit into an international class action lawsuit, which will involve all iPhone 7 and older holders. For Apple, this may mean high compensation payments and serious damage to its image. At the same time, it would be a solid warning to other manufacturers of consumer electronics.


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