You have been waiting for information about Battlefield V’s battle royale mode. Well, I finally have some good news for you.

Playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for hours I was wondering which big company should create a refined battle royale game. You know, one that you has an efficient engine, the right financial and human resources and experience in developing shooter games. In such conversations with friends, DICE and their Battlefield series have always been involved. I only regret the fact that the company decided on this move after the cards had been handed out a long time ago and there is no chance of winning with Fortnite or PUBG.

Battle Royale Mode will be present in Battlefield V and that is already certain and official. DICE has finally shared this information with us.

It will consist of 16 teams of 4 players, which gives a total of “only” 64 warriors – as a reminder, both Fortnite and PUBG have 100 players, i.e. almost twice as many. The information makes no mention at all of modes for two or one person, and that means that we will most likely be able to connect only to teams consisting of four people. There is also an official name for this new mode – Firestorm. I have no idea whatsoever what is the meaning and idea behind it but it’s always more original than adding the words “battle” and “royale” to the game title.

The Firestorm mode is to take place on the biggest map in the BF series so far – moreover, in the spirit of the game, there will be a lot of vehicles on it as well. Can you imagine what kind of a madness it will be? I’m already really excited for it.

But does Battlefield really need a battle royale mode to be a success? Especially now, when the popularity of this type of games is slowly beginning to fade away? I sincerely doubt that this mode will the main driving force of the game. Especially since the classic battles, which I have already tested in Battlefield V Alpha version, are really good – better than Battlefield 1.



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