China’s cyberspace security authority has come with a new cyber security law which came into effect on June 01. The ruling communist party was coming into action with the new law to restrict the cyber independence of the celebrities along with the mass people. The authorities were ordered to close almost 60 different celebrity gossip social media accounts on various social media networks.

Some of China’s biggest tech giant companies such as Baidu and Tencent were told in meeting they must go through some tough steps to control user’s social media accounts, according to the order of cyberspace security watchdog’s social media account. The new law specifically targets celebrity and corporate accounts on the social messaging media such as weibu, wechat, snapchat etc.

The cyberspace security authority announced that intention of the new rules and regulation of cyberspace is come into action to protect the national security, citizen’s private life, and their interests according to the law of international organization Human Right Watch. They said that social media accounts are spreading rumors, violence, terror, pornography and other hazards which must be prohibited. The law requires companies must collect the data of individual accounts and if it noticed that someone is breaking the law than report it to authorities and ban the account.

Basically, the law is pushing artists and celebrities into a new level of censorship. The mass people said that the new law had come to control the people’s access to information, because of the spread of news about the shuffle which occurs in recent country’s Communist Party’s congress. And for this, the new law had restricted the content and services given by online news portal and network providers to be managed by party’s sanctioned editorial staff for limiting and guiding the online discussion.

The general people, who are the fans of recently closed celebrity gossip accounts, reacted on their social media accounts. They accused angrily the failure of the government or ruling party for understanding young generations thinking and choices. The social media of China, which is a bit different than the whole world, because world’s top social media’s are banned in China from a long time ago such as facebook, youtube, instagram, twitter and so on, have recently reacted angrily about this topic. Xu Wenkai, a Shanghai and Berlin based media artist and blogger, who is famous by the name Aaajio, says, “Younger users of social media platform are feeling nervous for the first time.” The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who recently lives in Berlin, writing in the ‘New York Times’, A New York- Shanghai based artist Miao said that “I think there will be more restrictions to the internet overall into the long run.” She added that, “The smarter the internet gets, the more it isolates people.”

The recent crackdown enforced the tech giant Apple to withdraw few apps from App Store by which one could browse internet privately in China.


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