Since today, the latest version of the Civilization series has been available for those who are often on the move. This amazing turn-based strategic game is available at the Apple Store since December 21st. However, recently, a promotion appeared on it – and quite a considerable one!

Creators of the game have allowed themselves to create a demo version, making playing through the first 60 turns of the game available for free. In order to continue the game, iPad users will be able to take advantage of a time limited promotion, which is 50% of the $60 price of the full game. As Aspyr Media’s development studio mentions on its blog, Civilization 6 released at the Apple Store will be available for devices with iOS 11 or higher. Thus, the specifications of devices such as iPad Air 2, iPad 2017 or iPad Pro and its variations should be sufficient. However, it is worth remembering that iPad Pro owners with 12.9-inch versions can see a little bit of stretched graphics through an unusual matrix size.

The games availability on the Apple Store can create confusion for fans of the Civilisation series. All because of the fact that in the iOs App Store the game is displayed in the free category. Of course, the game itself will have to receive full activation with a key in order to turn into a full version. However, this does not change the fact that we will have to download all 3.14GB of data anyway – only to test 60 game turns. Promotion for the game itself will last until 5 January 2018. After this time it will match the price for Windows or Mac systems.


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