We have just learned that browsing the internet can be not only safe and privacy-friendly, but also profitable, or at least when using the right browser.

Whatever our attitude towards online advertising, the sad truth is that they are not going anywhere and we have to accept their presence on the pages we are browsing. Because even if we use advertising blocking programs, advertisers always find a way to reach us with their new offers. Promotional sponsored videos, articles and other forms of advertising have become part of the modern internet for good, so there is nothing left but to learn how to live with it or even.. earn money from it.

Users will watch paid ads, but without the widespread mass surveillance network.

Some advertisers have partnered with the privacy company Brave to reward users for watching ads. This option is called Brave Rewards and will be available exclusively for the Brave web browser, which can be installed on Android mobile devices and computers. This allows you to count on a 70% share of the total advertising revenue from Brave Ads, which in addition does not interfere with the classic advertising. Mainly because they take the form of notifications, instead of taking up key areas of the page.

All right, but we still need to explain how exactly it works, because for now we are not talking about traditional cash, although Brave assures that in the future this option will also be available, but for now we will be rewarded with Basic Attention Token (BAT), which is a form of a cryptocurrency (based on Ethereum). It will be possible to store this in a wallet available in the browser, and soon exchange it for awards such as hotel stays, restaurant coupons or gift cards.

Unfortunately, we do not know when the option of cash exchange will be available or what the rate of watching ads will look like, but it is certainly an interesting option. Besides, although Brave Ads will be profiled on the basis of the pages we visit, the data will only be stored locally and Brave will not have access to them. Because, as the company says: – Users will watch paid ads, but without the widespread mass surveillance network.


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