According to the latest reports, Samsung has decided to cooperate with Qualcomm. As a result, Galaxy S10, at least as far as the fingerprint reader is concerned, will differ significantly from its predecessor.

Each smartphone manufacturer would like to be considered as the one who sets the market trends. For quite a long time we were accompanied by speculations about who will be the first one to offer a smartphone with a fingerprint reader integrated with the display. It was not Samsung at the end of the day, but it seems that the Koreans will also be opting for it in the end.

According to ETNews sources, Samsung considered several variants related to the Galaxy S10 and has just made its final decision. This is said to be the decision to cooperate with Qualcomm, which will provide an ultrasonic fingerprint reader. It will then be integrated accordingly into Samsung Display.

If the earlier reports are to be believed, the Koreans have so far encountered considerable technological problems on the way to integrating the fingerprint reader into the display. They wanted to develop it themselves, but in the end they did not succeed.

The premiere of Galaxy S10 will take place at the beginning of next year. CES 2019 is mentioned, as another interesting device may appear at MWC 2019 – a folding smartphone, which has been speculated about in the context of this manufacturer for years.


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