Google officially ends its adventure with the production of tablets. Why did the Pixels lose the fight with iPad?

Those who were waiting for Pixel Slate 2 or Pixel C 2 to appear have been disappointed today – Google has officially confirmed that it will no longer create tablets under its own name. This decision was made after internal discussions. As stated in the explanatory memorandum: “Chrome OS is gaining in popularity in various areas, so we are committed to developing a system that will be used by our partners” laptops and tablets. So instead of creating our own devices, we’ll focus on providing the best possible software to others. A Google spokesman added that tablet horses will have no impact on the development of ChromeOS laptops.

According to the experts, this is a very good decision. While Google’s smartphones and ChromeOS laptops are very popular – especially among business users – tablets have always been in their shadow. They may look nice on the official photos (as above), but Google did not have any planned updates, and the functionality was slightly less than in the competitive solutions. Pixel C hit the market in 2015 and since then had no hardware updates, and the system stopped at 8.1 Oreo. It seems that Google released its tablets in the form of an experiment, which did not bring anything interesting. Another thing is that laptops from ChomeOS, which since version 70 have a new interface, friendly to touch devices.

This is quite a logical move. While the phones with Android operating system, and in particular the proprietary devices of the Pixel series, which are distinguished by clean and constantly updated software and laptops with Chrome OS, which are popular e.g. in the education sector are competitive on the market, Pixel tablets left much to be desired. After the release of the great Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 2013 devices, Google was doing worse and worse with the production of this type of devices. Since then, we have seen a few devices, but none of them became popular and did not establish a fight with the market leader – iPad.


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