Do you watch a lot of videos on YouTube and during longer sessions your eyes hurt from a bright interface? The solution is to switch to the dark mode – it’s available in both desktop and mobile versions.

Google has updated the YouTube app for Android phones, and with the dark mode, you can not only reduce eyestrain while watching, but also save energy on your mobile device. In both PC and mobile versions, the dark mode, as the name suggests, makes the background of the pages darker. It’s very easy to activate this mode, and we’re explaining it because not every user is aware of it.

How To Turn On Dark Mode On YouTube On iPhone

  1. If you want to enable the dark theme on your iOS device:
  2. Launch the YouTube app and click on the account icon in the top right corner.
  3. From the menu, select Settings and then switch to a dark theme.
  4. The background should immediately become dark. It will remain set as default until you turn it off.

How To Turn On Dark Mode On YouTube On Android

The procedure on Android is similar, but requires an additional step. Go to the settings – to do this you need to click on the account icon – there go to the General section, and then select Enable dark theme in the whole application.

How To Activate YouTube Dark Mode On Mac

If you are watching YouTube in a web browser on your PC or Mac, you can turn on the dark theme since 2017. This requires the same action as with mobile apps: log in to your account, navigate to the Dark Theme option in the menu and click on it, then click on the dark theme slider. There you go. From now on, every time you log in to your account, you’ll see YouTube in the dark.

how to turn on youtube dark mode on mac


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