Looking through Instagram sometimes, many of you have already seen the blue check next to the names of some users. This blue symbol is nothing more than a verified account badge. The first questions that come to your mind now most probably are why, and how to do it. I will now explain How To Verify Instagram Account With Blue Check.

In theory everyone can verify their profile, but the blue check symbol is awarded very selectively and not to everyone, in fact it is not given to many people. As you may remember, some time ago Instagram was purchased by Facebook and it was then, around December 2014, that the blue check verified badge was introduced. It is interesting, however, that the verification of the profile on Facebook is not the same as verification on Instagram. Profile verifications on each website are dealt with completely separately and according to different criteria.

Not all Facebook pages with verification credentials have verification credentials on Instagram. Currently, only Instagram accounts that are highly likely to be impersonate dare given a blue check verification mark.

Who Can Verify Instagram Account With Blue Check

Unfortunately, there is a problem here for the average user, because as long as you are not a well-known person in the media, there is little chance that your application will be accepted. The verification mark can now be given to:

  • important persons (e.g. politicians)
  • popular persons (actors, sportsmen, celebrities, models)
  • well-known brands and companies
  • bloggers (at present, we encounter this phenomenon mainly in the profiles of those who are commoly known worldwide and have a huge number of fans and followers)

It seems that only the popularity (or importance) of a given person in the media is important, and thus the real prospect of impersonating him/her by third parties.

Fake accounts

The main idea behind the introduction of the blue check verification badge on instagram was to protect known names, but also to make it easier for users to find the right people, and not their fictitious accounts. However, whether you are a celebrity or not, anyone can be in a bad situation caused by bad guys, so if you ever find yourself in such circumstances, report it immediately to the Instagram using this form.

How To Verify Instagram Account With Blue Check

When I was watching my friends’ profile some time ago, she was unfortunately one of those people who quite often had to deal with the problem of getting hacked (including taking over the account by third parties). The Instagram staff each time helped her to regain the previous state of her profile, but this was the end for her, because the photographs were not restored – so she had to start again but this time she managed to used our guide to verify her Instagram account.

How To Verify Instagram Account

Currently, only some public figures, stars and brands have verification markings. It is currently not possible to request a mark to confirm the verification.

Source: instagram

If you exclude the blue option (for the time being), we can connect your profile to Facebook or Twitter to increase the authenticity of your account and verify it. Also, the linked Facebook (or Twitter) on Instagram is a quite reasonable connection that integrates our activities on social media.


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