This upcoming Wednesday we will witness the famous Apple conference and the Internet is already being filled with more rumours and leaks, this time associated with the cheapest model in this year’s line of devices: iPhone Xc.

As early as this week, the long-awaited, year-round Apple conference, at which the company will showcase its latest iPhones, will take place. As usual, the event awakens emotions. Funny enough, Apple is the only company in the world of technology that can count on as much attention from fans as from haters who want to comment on their new ideas. We already know a lot about the biggest and most expensive phone, which is to join their portfolio in 2018: iPhone XS. And a few dozen hours before the conference we are also getting to know more and more about the cheapest model from this year’s line: iPhone XC.

iPhone Xc: Apple’s cheapest smartphone in 2018

iPhone Xc will be the mid-range model in this year’s Apple’s lineup: its screen size would be “only” 6.1 inches (Xs would be 6.5″, while iPhone X 2018 would be 5.8″). Importantly, as the cheapest of Apple’s smartphones, it would have an LCD screen. The name of the iPhone Xc would refer to the iPhone 5c, which won the sympathy of users a few years ago. If this model is not a stranger to you, you probably remember its plastic case as well. These were available in a few quite non-standard colours. This time things would be similar – although…. if you believe the photos published by Ben Geskin, they will be much more toned down:

The (supposedly) iPhone Xc visible in the photographs are supposed to be dummy phones. I would approach these sensational leaks with a lot of caution, although I don’t hide the fact that this dark blue model looks really fantastic on the above graphics. The white iPhone hasn’t been as white either since the iconic iPhone 4s. So if the giant actually releases such a color variant this year, I foresee a big success for it.

iPhone Xc is said to hit the market in two configurations: with 64 and 256 gigabytes of built-in internal memory. The price of the cheapest of them would start at about 700$, i.e. it would actually be cheaper than all last year’s models in their catalog. It would also be a successor to iPhone 8, the cheapest model in Apple’s offer from last year’s premieres. But how much truth is there to all these rumours and leaks this is difficult to judge. Ben Geskin, who has posted the above photos, has been serving beautiful renders for several years – although this time he claims that they are photos of real prototypes.

I’m not hiding the fact that the Xc model promises are tempting, although…. frankly speaking, I was hoping that it would simply be the iPhone X in an alternative chassis, just as it was the case with the iPhone 5c. Here, however, their paths would be clearly divergent: if we believe the rumours, we won’t see neither a great OLED screen or a double camera. Well, at least Face ID wouldn’t be missing – but there is no reason to speculate anymore. After all, the Apple conference is on Wednesday!


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