Another game for Android and iOs that takes advantage of Augmented Reality has made its debut. Jurassic World Alive draws its ideas from the extremely popular Pokemon Go, but takes it to another level with much more interesting mechanics. Like most free mobile games it also features plenty of unfair in-app purchases, today we will try to even the odds for you by sharing a preview of the most popular Jurassic World Alive Hack, along with very useful Tips, Tricks and Cheats.

2019 Update: A new version of the online cheat previously mentioned in this article has been released. Click here to scroll down and learn more about it.


In this free mobile game we play the role of a member of DPG (Dinosaur Protection Group), which aims to save the reptiles from extinction again. Dinosaurs of course escaped from the paradise of Jurassic World and spread all over the world. Players wandering through the city streets, parks, neighbourhoods, forests and mountains have to find the escapees, while gathering fragments of their DNA. Unlike “Pokemon Go”, we do not catch these creatures, but instead we use a virtual drone to shoot arrows at them, which collect samples of their genetic code. After collecting enough DNA, we can use the laboratory to grow our own dinosaur or to develop a new hybrid. The process of reptile hunting itself also requires more agility than throwing a piece of poke ball at a stationary Pokemon.

The reptiles we created can be used to fight dinosaurs of other players. There is no need to leave your home to fight such a duel, and the battle itself is more engaging than in Pokemon Go. It takes place in real time and is conducted in a turn-based system. For winning fights we receive virtual currency and additional DNA sequences.

Graphic effects are also worth mentioning, especially 3D dinosaur models, which can be applied to the preview from a smartphone camera. In addition to searching for reptiles, you can also search for crates containing arrows for the drone and virtual currency. For the most lazy players the creators have prepared a subscription model – for 9.99 USD per month the player can increase the range of the drone, so that he does not have to physically appear in distant locations, but the same thing can be achieved by using the best rated Jurassic World Alive Hack we talked about here.

It’s hard to say if Jurassic World Alive will become at least half as popular a game as Pokemon Go. According to the latest figures from July 2017, more than 65 million users play the Niantic Labs most popular game each month. Time will tell whether prehistoric reptiles will also attract players, or whether it will be just one of the many clones of the Japanese bestseller.

Top 8 Jurassic World Alive Cheats and Tips for Battles

To make sure you’re well prepared even if you don’t want to hack Jurassic World Alive right now, we’ve collected some simple and legitimate battle tips to help you earn as many trophies as possible:

  1. Change your dinosaurs as little as possible in battle! If you do that, because your reptile has little health, your opponent gets two attacks. The change counts as an “attack” or move on your part.
  2. Don’t use your special attacks immediately, but save them – especially if they have a cool-down. You should only use these special attacks when you really need them.
  3. Set up a team with different bonuses. If four dinosaurs can break through shields, that’s just too much. Take care of a good balance!
  4. Shields unfortunately do not block all damage, but they are still useful.
  5. You should also make sure that you have at least one free incubator slot or less than 140 arrows before a fight. The latter is the maximum number. But since you get arrows as a battle reward, it would be a pity if they slip through your fingers, wouldn’t it?
  6. Pay attention to the speed of your dinosaurs. At the beginning of a battle, the app compares the value of your and your opponent’s dinosaurs. The creature with the higher speed may attack first.
  7. Don’t forget that you can tap your attacks long enough to see how much damage your Dino will deal. You will also get a prediction from the enemy how much health you will lose.
  8. Take your time in one round. Look at your opponent’s stats and yours. Is your opponent’s attack higher than your current HP? Then you should consider whether you can sacrifice your monster or whether you should trade it or perhaps you could try to use the Jurassic World Alive Hack to regenerate your HP immediately.


How To Hack Jurassic World Alive

There are many in-app purchase available in The Jurassic World Alive, both on Android and iOs. The prices range between a few cents and go all the way up to $100. Something somewhat unique in this game is the ability to get a monthly subscription for $9.99 that will increase the range of your drone, meaning that you can basically “go” anywhere in the world without actually leaving your house. That provides a huge, unfair advantage over “free” players to those who decided to spend their real money on the in-app purchases such as the subscription mentioned above.

What if I told you that you could, right now, without buying anything – instantly – get the following benefits:

  • Free VIP membership
  • Free Extra Cash & Coins
  • Get any Incubator instantly
  • Instantly regenerate health in battle mode
  • and more…

Would you believe it? Probably not, because most applications that promise such features are not being fully honest with you. However, there are some legit cheats already available for this game, they are working now but could get patched at any time, so nobody can guarantee anything when it comes to this shady area, if you don’t feel like testing these hacks for yourself, then you can always go back and take another look at our legitimate tips and tricks posted above. There’s more coming everyday too.

But here’s what you all have been waiting for: if you’re set on trying out the online Jurassic World Alive Cheats with the features mentioned above, here’s a list of apps that work.

#1 – Jurassic World Alive Hack webAPP

Click Here To Start The Jurassic World webAPP

This is the tool that we recommend if you decide to hack Jurassic World Alive, especially if your goal is to get free cash or coins. To use it, just click on the link above and follow the instructions on the website. You will not be asked to download any files, you will not be asked for your password etc. so it is very safe. We have been using this app for a long time, it works most of the time, but recently it had some issues due to a huge influx of new players due to the official worldwide release of the Jurassic World Alive, but everything is being solved fast. Right now it is working fine.

How to hack Jurassic World Alive

This app has all of the fetures mentioned above but they don’t always work. It’s worth trying though, since it is free and safe to use.

#2 – Jurassic World Alive modded android package kit

[Removed due to malware – BEWARE of all modded android package kits you find on other websites as they could have similar issues]

We don’t really recommend this method, but you could download a modded apk for the game and use it to “cheat” but the cheats would only appear on your local device, it’s only good for playing around or showing off in front of your friends because once you connect to the internet and try to interact with the game’s world, everything will get back to normal. The features are also not so good, and since you are downloading and installing APK from an unknown source on your phone, there is always risk of infecting your mobile device with a virus or malware.

Miscellaneous Gameplay Tips For JW Alive

Sent to us by our users, if you want your tip placed here, leave in the comments section or email it to us.

  • There are currently no speed limits.
  • Hybrid dinosaurs can be found in the wild.
  • Always fill in your darts, you will use an average of 5-10 darts on your dinos.
  • You can use a Jurassic World Alive Hack to get free cash if you’re out of it.
  • If you work with a hybrid, you should not develop the DNA of the dinosaurs you use for the hybrid, because that means less DNA for the hybrid.
  • During the day you will find mostly herbivores and mainly carnivores at night.
  • Night begins at around 9.45pm
  • Where there is a lot of grass, there will be a lot of sauropods and hadrosaurs


  1. Most of the sites like this one are fake even though they claim that they are legit, but this is the first one that turned out to be REAL when I tested it, even though I had to download an app to verify myself as a human, but the app was from a very reputable company (Microsoft) so no issues there!

    • Yes and if someone doesn’t have time to use the webAPP (JW Alive hack) we linked to, then we also posted useful tips and tricks for everyone to enjoy!

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