Some time ago, the Jurassic World Alive game appeared on iOs and Android devices – just on account of the premiere and hype surrounding the latest film from the Jurassic Park franchise. I didn’t watch the movie (Jurassic World was a disappointment for me), but I did download the game out of curiosity. After all, who doesn’t want to have their own army of dinosaurs?

If you know Pokemon GO, the design of Jurassic World Alive is no stranger to you. The menu consists of five icons: Market, Map, Collection, Battle and News. On the map there are places, so called supply drop boxes (like PokeStops), where after spinning you will get items needed for the game (darts for collecting DNA and coins) and of course the dinosaurs. There is no tracker, so we are limited to the field of view. Simple. The supply drops do not reflect any important or interesting points, as is the case with Pokemon Go, which means that they are more evenly spaced and the appearance of dinosaurs does not depend on the cellular signal intensity.

jurassic world alive review

The whole core of the game is based on the theme of catching dinosaurs. As a member of a special unit, our goal is to capture endangered species, forcing us to explore the real world in search of these creatures. For every poke… dinosaur caught we get experience points that allow us to raise our overall level. The problem is that in the case of Pokemon GO the game makes sense because we want to become the best coach, “catch them all” and compete with other players for territories. Here, on the other hand, we gain new creatures under the pretext of saving them, which in itself sounds like a quickly-thought up reason and does not encourage playing.

In the Pokemon GO, travel is additionally rewarded by hatching new pokemons from the eggs. In Jurassic World Alive, however, we travel only to enlarge the collection of dinosaurs. Why is it that I don’t feel like huge dinosaurs are roaming the area? Well, because the game does not allow us to watch them using Augmented Reality while catching them. This option is only possible if you catch a dinosaur. In my opinion this decision is a huge error that destroys the immersion. Catching them is not one of the most interesting activities either. It is a simple mini-game simulating shooting with tranquilizer darts – we hold our finger, aim and let go. This action would probably be more interesting if I caught a creature I knew from a popular series, and not a dinosaur, whose name tells me nothing.

Jurassic World: Alive uses maps provided by Google. Whether it is good or bad, it depends rather on which company covers our area better. The use of Google solutions has meant that there are plenty of points in my area where you can go to get a few sleepy syringes or coins, but most of them are completely random places that represent nothing. Another thing is that I don’t have to go to the local cemetery to recover my supplies, as was the case with Pokemon GO.

If we can catch several dinosaurs and then improve them by… catching the same species again, we will be able to try our hand at the arena. This is one of the most interesting parts of the game. It is there that we can compete with other hunters. How does it relate to the fact that our task is to save this species – do not ask, because I do not know myself. The duel allows us to take four dinosaurs, which then use their weaker and stronger attacks. The game is even addictive, but again we compete with random opponents and advance in the leagues. There is no fight for the territory that is in the Pokemon Go.

Jurassic World: Alive enables you to purchase a VIP account. It allows for more frequent receipt of incubators, which are the equivalent of boxes here. In addition, we can catch dinosaurs from many other places without having to approach them. Having it speeds up the process of acquiring new dinosaurs, which equals faster conquering of the arena ranking lists. However, all this can be achieved in a normal way, by using the Jurassic World Alive Hack.

From the technical point of view, the game is made correctly. There are no smoothness problems here and the dinosaurs look decent in the expanded reality mode. During the game we enjoy a climatic melody, which can be easily listened to in the background, while focusing on podcasts, for example. Problems only occur when the phone switches from Wi-Fi to a mobile network. The game then loses connection. Additionally, when someone called me during the game, I had a problem with reconnecting to the servers.


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