Netflix produces a huge number of films and series loaded with special effects, deep colour and vivid sound. However, the company wants to improve the level of audio quality for television users. It will introduce new adaptive technology that will take the Dolby Atmos and 5.1 surround sound to the next level.

Dolby Atmos-compatible platforms will require a bandwidth between 448 kbps and 768 kbps and, of course, a Netflix Premium subscription. You still won’t be able to get the highest possible sound quality. Original files are mixed in 24-bit 48kHz sessions with an average bit rate of 1Mbps per channel. Netflix believes, however, that the presented parameters will be optimal for service users expecting the highest quality. Which will be adjusted on the fly according to the speed of the data transmission, as is the case with the image.

The new algorithms have been in operation for over a year now. The project started when the Duffer brothers reviewed Stranger Things 2 from the showroom to experience what the average user could see and hear. They found that some scenes didn’t produce the sharp sound they heard when watching the original. That’s why they’ve been working to improve the quality of sound on our home theater TVs. It can only be hoped that the higher quality of sound will eventually reach users of mobile devices or computers. Although most smartphones have rather mediocre speakers, many people have very good quality headphones. However, a decent sound system often accompanies our home computers.


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