Although the Korean giant has not yet officially revealed anything about its future flagship smartphone, the first interesting details are appearing on the web, and they are not just the idle wishes of the Samsung fans.

Some of them are related to the display of the Galaxy S11 model, because, according to informants, Samsung does not want to make the same mistake again (the Galaxy Note 10 screen can be accused of really little and most reviewers point to it as having a low refresh rate) and the smartphone will be equipped with a panel with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a ratio of 20:1. What’s more, the Korean giant is going to promote its flagship again as a gaming device, which is why it will equip it with a new AMOLED display, or at least that seems to be the indication of the company’s patent application found on the web by reliable Dutch Letsgodigital.

The name SAMOLED appears on the patent application, but it is hard to expect that Samsung is referring to the Super AMOLED matrix, which made its debut with the original Galaxy Note. So you can guess that this time the letter S is responsible for something else, but until the manufacturer reveals something else or there are more leaks, we can only speculate. It is worth noting, however, that the use of this panel is supposed to go beyond smartphones, because the application includes such labels as OLED panel, smartphone display, monitor, TV panel, digital signature or computer display, which suggests many different electronic devices.

Other sources say that the smartphone will be available in three versions, i.e. Galaxy S11e, Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11+, which also differ in colour versions. The Galaxy S11e will be available in blue, grey and pink, the Galaxy S11 will be available in blue, grey and black (some more may be possible), and the Galaxy S11+ is still a mystery. By the way, we also learned that the manufacturer is working on a new version of Galaxy Buds headphones, which are currently called SM-R175 code, available in blue, pink, black and white color.

However, as you can easily guess, colors are only an aesthetic issue, because the main differences between the Galaxy S11 models will come down to the components and size of the display. According to the well-known Evan Blass, all 3 models will be equipped with curved panels, but the Galaxy S11e will boast a diameter of 6.2 or 6.4 inches, the Galaxy S11 6.7 inches, and the Galaxy S11+ will be a really big 6.9-inch device. What’s more, Evan Blass also says all 3 models will be available in 4G LTE versions, but there will also be 5G versions of the Galaxy S11e and Galaxy S11.

Will this be the case? We will see it soon, most likely in mid-February, i.e. near Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2020 fair. We would also like to remind you that earlier reports also suggested the use of metal and glass, 108 MP main camera, a round screen indentation for the front camera, Android 10 with an overlay of the Samsung One UI user interface and Snapdragon 865/Exynos 9830.

Source: androidheadlines


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