Instagram is testing an option that will certainly not appeal to some users of the application. It might be time to say goodbye to the likes which are displayed under your photos.

Instagram is currently the most popular application in the world. It is used by everyone – from ordinary users, through influencers, to global brands. The app, which was originally used to share photos and short videos with its observers, has become a professional business tool. More and more often it is also said that Instagram falsifies reality, and idealised photos lead to mental disorders. Recently, Selena Gomez, among others, spoke on this subject. Not to mention the “like race” and the popularity race. Developers use the potential of Instagram and constantly improve and test new, often controversial features such as private profile viewers. Now another change has appeared on the horizon!

Is it the end of likes displayed under photos?

It turns out that Instagram could change completely. And that might happen in not so distant future. Jane Manchun Wong, a world-famous engineer who specializes in mobile applications, noticed that application developers are testing the so-called “hiding the likes” option. What would it be? From now on (after updating the app of course) only the names of the users who liked the photo would be displayed under our photos, not the exact number of likes. The creators of Instagram decided to take such a step (and let’s face it: it’s quite a drastic one), because they want the users of the application to focus on the published content, and not the number of likes. It is worth mentioning, however, that the author of the photo or video will probably still be able to check how many people liked the post they posted. What do you think about such a change? Earlier, many stars, including Kim Kardashian have shown their support for it.


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