Pokemon GO is alive and well, but soon a successor will come. Smartphone users will be able to fly around the city, pretending to be wizards. Niantic announces Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Pokemon GO was a staggering success. The smartphone game released in the middle of 2016 beat all records of application stores. For many months it has been the number one topic in technological media all over the world.

Although the biggest frenzy passed, subsequent updates keep a very active group of players active. However, Niantic does not bind its future only with those colorful creatures.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will allow all smartphone owners to turn into wizards.

The new game is not called Harry Potter GO, as expected. However, it is reasonable to assume that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be based on the same principles as Pokemon GO and will be able to draw much from the previous game of the Ingress studio.

From the very beginning, Niantic mentioned that they wanted to create a platform for Augmented Reality games. Pokemon GO and Ingress are just an example of how to use it. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is another way for the developer to make the worldwide media talk about its newest production again.

Niantic’s involvement with Harry Potter’s universe is likely to be a hit.

Ingress, which was created in cooperation with Google, was a game for geeks. Taking over portals by approaching the locations indicated by the game did not delight the crowds. It was only thanks to the use of the Pokemon theme that Niantic game was played the whole world.

Everyday, adults around the world began to catch virtual creatures. Success was achieved thanks to nostalgia – after all, the greatest craze on Pokemons was many years ago. In the case of Harry Potter, it can be similar.

The same generation, which watched Pokemons and played Gameboys, was also reading subsequent volumes of Rowling’s books about young wizard at night. Now playing on smartphones will allow them to enter this magical world.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will make its debut in 2018.

Warner Bros Interactive and their Portkey Games studio will help in its preparation. We have no choice but to wait for further details. I am very curious if and how Niantic will use ARKit with iOS 11 and the new API of the expanded reality in Android.

The rumours of a new game based on Ingress and Pokemon GO have been appearing for months now and have been officially confirmed recently.


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