Apple has not changed its policy for years – and probably nothing will change anymore. Luckily, the company is giving up on ridiculously inconvenient low memory versions of the smartphone, and in the last versions of the system it has served us a feature that will save as much as a few gigabytes of space by offloading apps we do not use every day. See how to activate it and save space on your iPhone!

iPhone space-saving function – automatic uninstallation of unused applications

At first glance it is inconspicuous, but very useful in practice. Probably we all have a lot of applications in our smartphones and tablets, which we have not looked at for a long time, but they are still there. Why? Well, because they may be useful in future, apart from that there is no way to fully copy the data contained in them. And here, this space-saving feature will come to our aid

Offloading Unused Apps

To activate it, go to Settings and then search for the iTunes Store and App Store tabs. When you open it, at the bottom of the screen, select Offloading Unused Apps. How does this work in practice? The creators of iOS explain this probably best:

Unused applications will be automatically deleted, but their documents and data will remain unchanged. Re-installing the application will restore data if the application is still available on the App Store.

offload unused apps

What’s important is that no shortcuts on your smartphone or, as mentioned above, no data will disappear. So if we have access to high-speed Internet, or we aren’t afraid of using our mobile Internet data package, then in a few seconds we can download it again, without losing any nerves, data and disk space.

So if you are one of the users who unwittingly crave dozens of apps or games they access once every few months, consider activating this feature. Probably sooner or later it will turn out to be helpful, because even some of iPhone’s biggest memory variants are no longer enough….


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